October 2017: Avi L.

Congratulations Avi! Read more about our Member of the Month: Recently Achieved Fitness Goal: Avi was able to improve his running time, overall recovery and endurance! How Fitness Goal Was Achieved: Avi worked with the NOAA Fitness team and fully took advantage of the 6 week assessment. This helped him challenge himself and break out of […]


September 2017: Nancy Y.

Congratulations Nancy! Read more about our Member of the Month: Recently Achieved Fitness Goal: Nancy lost over 35 pounds and increased her cardiovascular fitness in preparation for an upcoming hiking trip to Scotland! How Fitness Goal Was Achieved: Daily cardio and 3x per week weightlifting at the NFC, and long walks or hikes on the […]


Should Runners Strength Train?

Written By: Daisha M. Savage, Program Manager, NOAA Fitness Center With so many summer races and color runs approaching, let’s attempt to answer an age old question: Should runners do strength training? My answer: ABSOLUTELY! There has been much debate over this topic. In previous days, runners ran for training. Now, we know that runners […]


Coping with Injury

Coping with Injury — By Daisha M. Savage, Program Manager, NFC (written Aug. 2016)   About four months ago I sustained a bilateral knee injury—That’s just a fancy word for saying I have the same injury on both knees. I was playing flag football when I hyperextended both knees. The result was a completely torn […]